AeroPress Coffee Maker Hacks

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While most coffee makers are limited to the functions the push of a button can achieve, the AeroPress can be used in a multitude of ways, allowing for more innovation in your coffee brewing.

We share some of the hacks you can achieve with your AeroPress to make your coffee better and the brewing experience easier.


Use the Funnel

We know AeroPress lovers treasure their kit, but we do know that some who use our coffee maker quickly discard some of the accessories that go with it, pushing them to the back of the kitchen cupboard.

Although it might not be immediately apparent, the funnel that accompanies the AeroPress actually has a fair few uses of its own that can really help to make the coffee brewing process easier.

  1. It can be used in its most obvious function – to help funnel the coffee beans into the AeroPress.
  2. It can help you to brew directly into a mug, flask or jug that is the wrong size for the AeroPress to brew onto safely.
  3. It can help you to brew into a mug that is under a pour over stand.

Improving Storage

The funnel can also play a big part in storing the AeroPress and accessories in a neater and more organised fashion.

To do this, place the funnel into the filter holder, with the wide side of the funnel up. Next, put the AeroPress into the funnel, with the filter cap side pointing down. Then, pop the paddle and scoop into the opening of the AeroPress plunger. You’ll be left with a neat AeroPress tower that will take up less space in your cupboard, worktop or bag.

If you’ve misplaced your filter and want to give this bit of kit another go, then you can find all the AeroPress replacement parts you need on our website.


Reuse Filters

Even AeroPress aficionados have been surprised to learn that our filters can be reused! Did you know?!

As long as you give them a rinse and leave them to dry after each use, you can keep reusing the paper filters a good few times before you put them to rest in the compost.

In fact, Alan Adler, inventor of the AeroPress, even reuses his filters when he makes a brew! You can reuse a filter about 10-15 times quite easily.

Try Metal Filters

For an alternative, you can try using a metal filter. While we love our paper filters, a reusable metal filter can add a different flavour experience to your brew.

The metal filter allows very small micro-grounds into the cup, which can offer a fuller, more complex and well-rounded flavour to the coffee, while also further reducing acidity.

On top of this, the natural oils from the coffee can enter your cup through a metal filter, making the brew a bit more aromatic and creamy.

So, if you’re not quite getting the flavour you crave from the AeroPress, then trying a different type of filter may be one simple change you can try.


coffee in an AeroPress

Brew First, Dilute Later

There are hundreds of different AeroPress recipes out there for you to experiment with brew time, coffee quantities and other magic you may want to work on the process, but sometimes going back to basics can get you the best results.

One thing that sometimes gets forgotten by AeroPress brewers is the idea of brewing first and diluting afterwards. The point of an AeroPress is to produce a sip similar to that of an espresso – an AeroPresso, if you will – a very concentrated black coffee.

If this isn’t the type of brew you are after, then dilute the coffee with extra water or a splash of milk, so that you can adjust the beverage to taste. By initially brewing with less water, you’ll get a better flavour, as the shorter the press time, the less acidic the coffee.


water poured into an AeroPress

Brewing for More

One of the most frequently asked questions about the AeroPress is how you can get more coffee out of it. The AeroPress was designed with single servings in mind, but the great taste it produces often makes people want to share the brew with all their friends and family.

To get more coffee out of the AeroPress, one of the easiest ways is to simply put more coffee in! Pop four scoops of coffee into the AeroPress and fill the water up to the number four on the side. Press this into a jug, top up with more water and you’ll have enough coffee for four!

Try a Different Brewing Method

Did you know that there are two main ways to brew with an AeroPress – standard and inverted?! You can discover how to do each method in our guide to brewing with an AeroPress.

The gist is that the original method sees your AeroPress set up on a cup with the plunger pointing up, while the inverted method sees the coffee brewed upside-down, with the plunger on the table, before the AeroPress is flipped and pressed into a cup. The inverted method allows for extra steeping time, which can produce a more flavourful sip.

Do you have any coffee hacks you’ve learned from using your AeroPress? If so, leave a comment below, or head over to our Facebook page to learn more ways to use the AeroPress in the future!


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  • Some nice tips in here. Do you sell, or can you recommend, a suitable jug to use with AeroPress when making coffee to share?

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