Mizu M8 Water Bottle


With every good cup of coffee, fresh water in-between is a must! The M8 is our most popular bottle, because of it's ideal size and weight, whether using at home, in your car, or on your next adventure


. 800ml Capacity

. No metal taste

. 18/8 food grade stainless steel 

. Soft Touch Outer - Coating Between Glossy and Matte Soft to the Touch for Better Grip

. Loop cap for east carrying or to tie it to your bag.

. With every purchase of a Mizu product, you're investing in a future with less plastic and more accessible free water resources. Imagine never having to buy a plastic water bottle again? So, grab your own Mizu, enjoy the journey, and leave nothing behind.

Our limited Lifetime warranty covers all manufacturer's defects for as long as own your Mizu bottle. Scratches and dents from dropping or normal use do not affect the use or safety of the bottle, but do not qualify for warranty.