9 Myths About Coffee

Coffee is a part of many people’s morning routine, but your enjoyment of it may wane due to the many myths surrounding the drink. We have put together some of the common myths surrounding coffee and why they shouldn’t get in your way of consuming it!

Coffee Dehydrates You

Studies have shown coffee doesn’t reduce the amount of water in your body and drinking caffeinated drinks in moderation doesn’t actually cause dehydration. A typical cup of coffee is around 98% water, and though coffee should not replace your daily water intake, it does not cause dehydration. Coffee does act as a diuretic which has contributed to this myth but your need to go to the toilet is very different from dehydration!

Coffee Sobers You Up

A typical line in film and TV is “let’s get coffee in you” after someone has had a night out before. But coffee does not sober you up; the caffeine just makes you more alert. The energy boost will make you feel more awake, but it will not reduce the level of alcohol in your blood. It is important to not put yourself in dangerous situations from the combination of alcohol and caffeine!

Espresso Has More Caffeine

Many think an espresso has more caffeine than your typical cup of joe, but it is just that espresso has a higher concentration of caffeine than other brewing methods. An ounce of espresso has 30-50mg of caffeine and ounce of coffee has 8-15 mg, but as coffee servings are usually up to 24 ounces a serving, and espresso just 1-2 ounces, the difference is much greater in a cup of coffee!

Espresso in glass cup

Coffee is Addictive

The myth that coffee is addictive has some truth to it, but overall caffeine is not a truly addictive substance. Though you may experience some headaches for a couple of days when you stop drinking it regularly, scientists have said this doesn’t qualify as addiction. Quitting coffee will not have severe withdrawal effects, and dependency on it can have health benefits, unlike other addictive substances.

Coffee Must Be Brewed With Boiling Water

It is a common misconception that coffee needs to be brewed with boiling water. Though colder water will result in flat coffee, too hot water will lead to a loss in the quality of taste. Boiling purifies the water, but it’s best to let it sit for up to a minute before pouring it over the coffee. Go for just under boiling, so you can enjoy the rich flavours and not have a burnt taste.

Coffee Is Higher in Caffeine When Darker

A darker roast is roasted for longer, causing them to lose mass and so per handful, light roasts are denser and have a higher caffeine content. Dark roasts do have a strong and rich flavour that many people love, but as taste is subjective, there are many who prefer the flavour of a light roast.

 Coffee beans

Coffee Will Affect Your Sleep

Caffeine definitely affects your sleep, especially when drinking coffee a few hours before going to bed, and takes up to five hours to leave your system. This means an afternoon cup of coffee will not affect your sleep unless you are drinking too much or at night. However, there is no indication coffee will cause insomnia, so a 3pm coffee is fine.

Coffee Stunts Your Growth

The myth of coffee affecting your height has been around for years, yet there is no scientific evidence to support it. Though drinking coffee as a child is not seen as a good idea, it will not stunt your growth. The closest data is that coffee mildly reduces the body’s ability to absorb calcium. A milky coffee for a child, on an occasional basis, is not much cause for concern!

Coffee Shouldn’t be Drunk By Pregnant Women

Coffee is one of the drinks doctors will warn pregnant women to have less of, but science has shown there is nothing really to worry about, as long as the daily consumption is less than 200 mg of caffeine. There is not much known about the effects of caffeine on unborn babies, so the myth shouldn’t put pregnant women off having a morning cup!

 Woman in dungarees drinking coffee

Have you fallen for these coffee myths before? We want to make sure you are still enjoying every sip of coffee without any negative thoughts about it. Our coffee makers, using an AeroPress filter will mean you are getting the smoothest coffee each morning with no hassle! Be sure to take a look at our FAQs and our blog to make your coffee-drinking experience much better!

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