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The humble AeroPress has united a community of coffee-lovers around the world through the simple act of brewing a great cup of coffee.

We love our fans and hearing your stories and brew tips, so please follow us on instagram and share them with the community @aeropressuk.

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We love nothing more than hearing our fan's stories and brew tips. To share yours with fellow pressing peeps, follow us on instagram @aeropressuk.

World AeroPress Championships

Great news, coffee lovers! W.A.C. is back in ‘21…

While social distancing and air travel restrictions mean that this season will look a bit different to previous years, we're stoked to give AeroPress devotees the world over the opportunity to compete in their local events, vying for a chance to put their AeroPress skills up against the world's best brewers.

To make sure no-one misses out, we've launched our all-new online format that allows would-be champions the opportunity to compete from home. So, whether you're deep in lockdown or free to roam, there's a way to get involved in '21.

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