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If making coffee from your beloved AeroPress is a fundamental part of your day, you are going to want to look after it properly!

Make sure your AeroPress is in top shape with our ultimate guide on how to care for your AeroPress! We take a look at how to keep it clean, the best storage solutions and where to find any AeroPress spare parts that you may need!

AeroPress parts

How to Clean

The AeroPress is self-cleaning, but additional work can be done to ensure it lasts as long as possible and your coffee stays tasting divine!

Looking After the Chamber

To keep the chamber that little bit cleaner, just rinse it out using the plunger to wipe the chamber. 

If the chamber does feel slightly more sticky than usual, put in some vinegar as you wash it.

AeroPress rubber seal

Washing the Rubber Seal

By washing the rubber seal, you can prolong its life. Ideally, it would be best if you cleaned the rubber seal at least once a month to keep it in top condition. The rubber seal is removable, so try and give it a little extra TLC by washing it in baking soda where you can, or the cleaning method of your choice.

Hard to Plunge

If the seal is particularly clogged with excess coffee sediment, making it difficult to plunge, try the following:

• Heat a saucepan with boiled water and soap (washing up liquid is fine to use.
• Take the pan off the stove and soak the rubber seal in the water for around five minutes.
• Remove the seal from the hot water (using something safe like tongs) and thoroughly wipe the seal with a cloth or paper towel.
• Repeat as necessary.

Some AeroPress users use a dishwasher in this circumstance, but we recommend the manual method above.

Rinsing the Filter

It is also worth noting that you can re-use your AeroPress filters. Simply remove the filter after making your coffee and rinse it with clean water. To dry, place it back in the filter cap ready for its next use!

You can keep doing this until you feel like you want to use a brand new one!

Extra Washing

It is recommended to occasionally wash your AeroPress in hot water and baking soda for an overall clean.

AeroPress with a coffee in it

How to Store

There are several ways to store your AeroPress safely. We take a look at them below:

Storage Tips for After Brewing

Once you have brewed the coffee, ensure you eject the coffee before storing your AeroPress away.

Make sure the silicone seal is pushed through the chamber to avoid any unnecessary compression to extend the seal’s life.

Storage Bag

A storage bag is the perfect option for those who like to take their AeroPress wherever you go.

Some of our newer versions are sold with a bag, but you can also buy one separately, here.

Pop in all the parts, and have them safely stored together, wherever you are. It is also great for keeping the parts secure while at home too!

In a Tub

If you use your AeroPress regularly, but want it stored in a kitchen cupboard, find a box or a tub the appropriate size to place all the parts and the AeroPress in.

It will keep all the pieces together while being easy to access, especially of the lid is left off for that quick coffee in the morning!


If you want your AeroPress available as efficiently as possible, a caddy might be the ideal option for you!

There are various companies which have created storage methods for AeroPress’ which make beautiful counter displays for your kitchen, as well as being extremely practical. The parts can also dry on it!

Original Box

If you don’t use your AeroPress regularly, the best place to store it is in its original packaging. By doing this, you can keep all the parts together over a long period of time.

AeroPress in a kitchen

Replacement Parts

If you have had your AeroPress for a while, and it requires a couple of upgrades, you will be pleased to know you can access the replacement parts from our website!

The Rubber Seal

The rubber seal tends to be the first part which AeroPress lovers need replacing.

They can be bought on our online store where all our replacement seals are made from silicone.

If you want to keep your rubber seal in good condition for as long as possible, make sure to dry it after use and don’t let it be too wet for extended periods. Try to store it out of the cylinder to avoid compression.


Drinking all that coffee, you will no doubt eventually need some new filters! Find them on our website where we offer an incredible pack of 350 filters.

AeroPress filter cap

Filter Cap

Don’t worry if you have misplaced your filter cap! Our website provides a replacement cap to get you back on your coffee game in no time!

Additional Accessories

AeroPress also provide a range of accessories to ensure you get the most out of your coffee! From scoops to funnels, there are an array of parts on offer on our website.

We cover all those coffee needs. Our coffee grinder is a popular attachment which can be used on the go! For slow drip coffee, our PUCKPUCK extension provides you with access to even more amazing AeroPress recipes, including iced coffee or to have coffee as a mixer in cocktails.


A new AeroPress coffee maker has a warranty of one year from the date of purchase from an authorised retailer. Our warranty protects against defects in materials and workmanship.

Always keep hold of your receipt after purchase, should you need it.

Is there anything else we can help you with? Why not contact us on our social media channels for any further support about your AeroPress!

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  • Hi
    I would like to reduce my use of plastic especially in the purchase of food and drinks storage and use. I have currently have two Aeropresses. Have you considered making an Aeropress out of metal and rubber without the use of plastic parts.
    Many thanks

    Richard G Miller on
  • Hello,
    I just received my Aeropress and can’t wait to use it. 2 questions:
    1. Do I have to clean it before using it for the first time?
    2. Can I use course ground coffee?
    Many thanks,

    Claire on
  • Great summary about how to take care of your Aeropress! We at Pogo Coffee Roasters based in Adelaide, Australia love the AeroPress and will use this blog post to educate our clients when selling the AeroPress.

    Pogo Coffee Roasters on

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