Christmas Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Gift shopping isn’t always the easiest task, especially when a loved one is known for having an interest that you know little about! If you are shopping for a coffee lover, then you have certainly come to the right place, as we can offer a range of gift ideas for the person who just can’t stop sipping on coffee!


Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are a pretty safe bet as a gift choice – it’s unlikely they’re going to go to waste, and it doesn’t matter if they already have some! A true coffee lover will want some freshly roasted beans, but there are many ways you can make this a more unique gift. Why not pick up a bag from a local roastery, so your coffee-loving friends can sample flavours produced closer to home. There is a wide assortment of speciality coffees from innovative independent roasteries to try, producing the likes of whisky-aged coffee beans, to add a kick to your morning brew!



If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give your loved ones this year, then why not give the gift of better coffee! We may be biased, but the AeroPress may just be the best way to achieve this, offering a perfect brew every time. The AeroPress uses gentle air pressure to press out an incredibly smooth sip with a rich flavour, free from bitterness. Unlike expensive coffee machines, the AeroPress is not only affordable but is lightweight and portable, allowing for amazing coffee on-the-go.


Rhinowares Coffee Grinder

You can’t make good fresh coffee without an excellent coffee grinder, and we think you can’t get much better than the Rhinowares Coffee Grinder. A manual grinder, you’ll have to work for your coffee, but the results truly are worth it. Perfect for use on-the-go alongside an AeroPress, the grinder can be adjusted to suit a variety of grinds. Made from food-grade stainless steel and featuring conical ceramic burrs, you can be guaranteed a smooth grind, while all the kit stays in great condition.


Reusable Coffee Cup

With the environment and ethical consumerism in mind, it is crucial for coffee lovers to keep a reusable coffee cup with them, in case the urge for a to-go cup of coffee overwhelms. There are plenty of styles and designs to pick from now, including bamboo cups, recycled plastic or glass. Finding a design that matches the recipient’s personality or interests should be pretty easy, with this being a fairly straightforward present choice.


Gooseneck Kettle

Many serious coffee lovers swear by a gooseneck kettle for manual brewing. A gooseneck kettle offers greater control over the flow rate of the water, allowing for more precision in the pour. If you’re a fan of following AeroPress recipes, then you’ll have seen gooseneck kettles mentioned time and time again, so if someone wants to take their coffee brewing to the next level, then this is the one for them.


Scales and Timer

While most coffee drinkers will just use a scoop and ‘eyeball’ how much coffee and water they add to a cup, true coffee enthusiasts will want to use scales and a timer to take their brewing to the next level. By perfectly measuring out the beans and water content, and timing the brew time to the second, the quality of your sip is going to be much better. Serious coffee drinkers swear by it, taking their scales everywhere they go to ensure they always have the best brew.

While you can buy scales and a timer separately, there are some available purpose-built for brewing, that combine these two functions, making for a more convenient coffee tool. Whatever scale you pick, make sure it measures as small as 0.1 gram increments, as coffee beans don’t weigh a lot, and you want precision.


Coffee Subscription Box

Give the gift of coffee all year round! Perfect if you can’t decide what coffee to pick for a gift, a coffee subscription box will see a variety of beans sent to your loved ones’ door each month. Taking the stress of bean selection away and into the hands of another coffee lover who knows their stuff, you can rest assured that the recipient will love every brew that comes their way!


Espresso Liqueur

Christmas is a time for indulgence, so get your coffee lover into the festive spirit with a combination of coffee and alcohol. Espresso liqueur is a simple gift that can transform the delicious flavours and aromas of coffee into a fantastic cocktail, such as an espresso martini.


Coffee-scented Candle

All coffee lovers enjoy the aromas of a freshly roasted brew, so why not gift the ability to fill your home with this scent all day long with a coffee-scented candle! Candles are a great Christmas gift as-is, especially to make the home feel cosier during the bleak winter months.


Latte Stencils

Bring the magic of the coffeeshop into the home with the gift of a coffee stencil. A stencil can allow the gift-receiver to transform their coffee into a canvas, creating an image atop the drink – whether that be a leaf, heart or cat design!


If you have any other great gift ideas for coffee lovers, then why not leave us a comment below to share the inspiration!

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