How to Enjoy Coffee While Camping

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Whether you’ve always enjoyed camping in the great outdoors, or you’re exploring sleeping under the stars as an alternative to going abroad this year, the peace and tranquillity of getting back to nature are unmatched.

Just because you’ve swapped your duvet for a sleeping bag doesn’t mean you have to ditch all your creature comforts.

Here at AeroPress, we understand that you can’t go a day (or five minutes) without a quality cup of coffee, so the thought of going camping without a decent brew might strike fear into the hearts of many coffee aficionados.

However, it does not have to be this way. There are many ways in which you can achieve a quality cuppa, even when out and about!

Instant Coffee

To be honest, we could just scrap this one right off the list, because if you’re reading this blog, then it’s likely you’ll want a better quality sip than this stuff can offer. However, we can’t deny that instant is simple and quick, only requiring a cup of hot water, making it great for camping if you’re in a pinch.

Coffee Socks

This method of coffee brewing sees coffee grounds placed into a ‘coffee sock’ – a sock of tightly woven fabric, like muslin – which is used as a filter. The water is poured through, producing a cup of coffee.

It’s a simple method, but the coffee produced can be quite bitter.



If quality is what you’re after, then look no further than the AeroPress! Brewing a smooth cup of coffee in seconds, without bitterness; this travel coffee maker is the perfect bit of kit for camping.

The coffee maker is pretty compact – especially the latest AeroPress GO model – so you could also take this out with you on hikes, or cycle rides you enjoy on your holiday.

While this is more of an expense than instant coffee or coffee socks, it is very reasonable for a coffee maker – retailing at £39.99 – and will last for many years. It can also be used as an at-home or at-work brewing device.

More Reasons to Choose AeroPress


  • It is lightweight – at 175 grams, it won’t take up too much room in your camping kit.
  • It is durable – the AeroPress is made of strong plastic and can withstand a bit of bashing about in the great outdoors – in fact, it’s even used by troops!
  • No clean-up – the way the AeroPress is designed means that there is minimal cleaning needed. After the coffee has been pressed, the chamber will be clear. The filter is reusable, and the grounds can be composted.
  • No milk needed – you probably won’t have access to fresh milk while camping, so you’ll need to drink your coffee black. The quality taste of AeroPress means you won’t need to mask bitterness behind milk.



What You’ll Need

As well as the AeroPress, you will need:

  • Coffee beans – you can’t make a coffee without them!
  • Hand grinder – if you want a brew with fresh beans, then you’ll need to grind them by hand when out and about. We recommend a burr grinder.
  • Camping kettle – you’ll need a source of hot water, whether you use a camping kettle or boil a pan of water over your fire.
  • Coffee cup – you’ll need a cup to brew your AeroPress coffee into.

Coffee Making Tips for Camping

  • If you struggle to get hot water, you can try making cold brew with your AeroPress.
  • If you can’t go without milk, try powdered milk, long-life milk or condensed milk.
  • Instead of a cup, you can brew into a jug and then pour the coffee into a flask to enjoy throughout the day.

Do you have any handy tips for making coffee while camping? Leave a comment below or on our social media posts to let us know!



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  • I’ve been using Aeropress for like 2 yrs. Very much reliable and handy! Here’s where I bought mine.

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