How to Make Strong Coffee


When it comes to drinking coffee, everyone has their own personal preference as to how it tastes. Some like it sweet and milky, whereas others would prefer a brew that will immediately wake you up with its strength!

‘Strong coffee’ can refer to the amount of caffeine in the brew, or the strength of the flavour present in your coffee cup. There are numerous ways you can make your coffee stronger, so if that is how you would rather your coffee, read on to discover how you can achieve a strong brew.


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Caffeine vs Flavour

The first step is to identify whether you want strength in your coffee from the caffeine or the flavour.

Strong coffee, in the sense of caffeine, means that there is more caffeine per sip. This will provide you with more of the benefits that caffeine brings, such as increased alertness.

However, you can also make just the flavour of the coffee more intense and bolder, if this is what you would prefer. 


How to Make Coffee Stronger with More Caffeine

If you want added strength by enjoying coffee with more caffeine in it, then you should either:

  • Choose a lighter roast coffee
  • Use a longer brewing time

Lighter Roast Coffee

As coffee beans get roasted, they lose caffeine, so using lighter coffee will result in a brew with a much higher caffeine content.

Longer Brewing Time

The amount of caffeine in your drink also increases the longer you leave your grounds to brew in water. Therefore, if you don’t like the taste of light roast coffees, you can gain a higher caffeine content by brewing your drink for longer.


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How to Make Your Coffee Have a Stronger Flavour

There are three main ways you can get your coffee to have a stronger flavour:

  • Use a darker roast
  • Use a different brewing method
  • Change your water-to-grounds ratio

Darker Roast Coffee

When you want a stronger tasting coffee, you should try dark roasted coffee beans. The longer coffee beans are roasted, the stronger the flavour they offer. This is because the oils within the coffee beans are released at higher roasting temperatures, enhancing the flavour.

Different Brewing Method

Trying out a different brewing method is also key to achieving a stronger brew. Typically drip coffee won’t make a properly strong cup of coffee, but a press will usually make a stronger brew. The AeroPress UK is a great option for making coffee on the strong side, but other coffee presses would work also.

Water-to-Grounds Ratio

The basic logic with this is that the more coffee grounds you use, the stronger your coffee will be, so add a little more coffee grounds than usual and see how it affects the taste.

The trouble with this can be that simply adding more coffee grounds can give the drink a bitter taste, rather than helping it taste stronger. Therefore, it is better to alter the type of roast or brewing method you use before you try to work on changing the ratios.


Do you have any tips for making your coffee taste stronger or have more caffeine? Leave a comment below with your advice!

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  • Very interesting but, as a homemade espresso / café Crema drinker who uses a semi automatic Gaggia Classic, I’d be interested in knowing how to achieve the optimum balance between grind size and hand tamping pressure in order to achieve a consistently strong brew but without clogging up the group filter.

    I am aware that different beans need different grind sizes but is there a strategy other than trial and error?

    Regards and thanks again.

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