7 Ways to Live More Sustainably

Saving the planet has become a key issue for many of us. Climate change protests have helped to highlight the importance of quickly making changes in our lives to improve sustainability and reduce the impact we have on the planet.

In the past, we have explored ways in which you can become a more ethical coffee drinker and why single-use coffee capsules are terrible for the environment.

However, it is also important to explore other ways in which we can live more sustainably. Here we share some tips on how to make simple life changes that can have a real impact on the environment.

Reducing Energy Use

One of the simplest changes you can make in your home is to reduce your energy consumption. Make sure you switch off all appliances and lights that you are not using so that electricity is not wasted.

Other simple ways of reducing energy use include:
- Replacing lightbulbs with energy-efficient bulbs.
- Setting your thermostat lower.
- Hang drying clothes instead of tumble drying.
- Using an eco-friendly coffee maker instead of a coffee machine.

selection of reusable Mizu bottles, cups and straws

Switch to Reusable Products

While disposable products are often cheaper upfront, investing in reusable items is well worth it in the long run, not just for your bank balance but for the environment as well. Landfill waste is a massive problem, and we all need to do our bit to reduce the amount of rubbish we produce. 

One way many of use have already managed to incorporate reusable products into our lives is by using tote bags and bags for life when we shop, rather than buying a new plastic bag.

However, there are many other items that we can upgrade to reusable, such as water bottles and flasks, cotton pads and straws.


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Shop Local

When you visit a supermarket, the fruit, veg and snacks you see will have likely been transported in from all over the world. While it’s nice to be able to eat fruit year-round, even when it’s not in season in the UK, this guzzles up a huge amount of fossil fuel energy.

Instead, try and shop local where possible, picking up fresh produce from greengrocers and butchers who get supplies from local farmers. This can even extend to your coffee stash – many independent coffee shops will sell locally-roasted coffee beans, making your morning brew a little bit better for the environment!

Make Donations

If you no longer want or need an item, but it still has life in it, then be sure to donate it to a charity shop, or try to resell it online. The goal is to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, as well as limiting the production of disposable goods, so allowing someone else to make use of things you have finished with is a bonus for both.

Cut Down on Driving

Travelling by car is not sustainable, especially when only one person is in the vehicle. Instead, you should try to seek alternate forms of transport when possible. If you can easily walk somewhere, then do! Alternatively, try cycling or public transport.

While it will often take a little longer than driving, there is less chance of being stuck in traffic, as well as the bonus of getting a bit more physical exercise.

tap with running water

Save Water

Reducing water use is another really easy thing you can do at home to make your life a little more sustainable. Plus, as well as helping to save the planet, you’ll also be saving a lot of money on your bills if your water usage is metered.

The easiest way to do this is to remember to turn the tap off when you’re not using it, while brushing your teeth or washing dishes, rather than leaving it running.

Eat Less Meat

Livestock farming has a huge impact on the environment, and while you don’t have to cut meat out completely from your diet if you don’t want to, it is incredibly beneficial to reduce the amount you consume.

By switching to more vegetarian dishes, you’ll not only help the environment, but also could see health benefits yourself! If you are completely adamant about keeping meat in your diet completely, then be sure to buy locally-sourced meat, as this will at least help to reduce the carbon footprint of your produce.

What changes have you made to make your life more eco-friendly? Leave us a comment below to share your sustainability tips!

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