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The World AeroPress Championships 2018 (W.A.C)

Each year, the World AeroPress Championships unites thousands of coffee loving enthusiasts and pits them against each other on the path to find the world’s best cup of AeroPress coffee. This year following 140 events across the globe, 61 national champions have emerged victorious and will now represent their country on the biggest World AeroPress Championship stage yet on November 17th in Sydney, Australia and for the first time ever in W.A.C history, they’re offering punters a chance to taste what each competitor is serving up!

So what Is the World AeroPress Championship?

In 2008, two coffee lovers asked each other a simple question “Who can brew the best cup of AeroPress coffee?” and from that simple idea, the World AeroPress Championship was born. The first competition was held in a small room in Oslo with only three competitors and Tim Wendelboe as the judge. In the ten years since its inception, the competition has grown and now spans 120 regional and national events taking place in over 60 countries with more than 3,000 competitors getting involved each season. The World AeroPress Championship is organised by a team of three, working from a small office in Melbourne, Australia who have something more than an obsession for coffee.

Each season is comprised of a series of local and national heats, which are managed by independent hosts, who are often the best independent coffee shops in their region, across an impressive 60 countries, all competing to get into the World AeroPress Championship final. The competition itself is a multi-round elimination tournament. In each round, three competitors will go up against each other, simultaneously using the AeroPress to brew a single cup of coffee within just eight minutes which is then presented to a panel of three coffee celebrity judges. The drinks are presented to the panel in identical vessels, so judges can’t know which cup belongs to each contestant. On the count of three, the judges point to their favourite coffee and the winner moves on to the next round.

What is the AeroPress Coffee Maker?

The AeroPress Coffee Maker is an innovative coffee press beloved by a multitude of global fans created by Alan Adler, Stanford University lecturer and inventor of the Aerobie flying ring. The AeroPress made its debut at a coffee industry tradeshow in 2005 and went on to establish itself as a serious contender in the coffee world, famous for brewing deliciously smooth, rich coffee in less than a minute, which comes out perfectly, every time.

The World AeroPress Championships challenges contenders to show off their favourite recipe using the only two ingredients that should be needed for the perfect cup – water and ground coffee!

The competition gets bigger each year and this year will be no different! You can expect beer, music and good times at this year’s World AeroPress Championships, hosted with the coffee crazy emcee duo from the last year’s Championship in Seoul, Michelle Johnson and Marcus Boni! The World AeroPress Championship exists to bring coffee-loving people together in an open, inclusive and fun environment. In their own words “Yes it’s serious, it’s just not that serious!”

Purchase your AeroPress today, and who knows, you could be next year’s champion!

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