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Where Do You Take Your AeroPress?

The fiction writer Justina Headley once said “Adventure in life is good. Consistency in coffee even better." But what if you really want both? Savvy coffee drinkers know the secret of ensuring that they have a consistently great cup of coffee whether they are chilling on the sofa at home in front of Netflix or halfway up Everest in a freezing tent.

Enter, the AeroPress! Weighing in at under 180g (less than half of a tin of baked beans), the AeroPress is the coffee lovers ideal travel companion, and, as evidenced on Instagram, people are getting inventive with where they take their favourite blend!

So, where can you take your AeroPress? Here are some great ideas.


Make Great Coffee Part of Your Adventure

You’re exploring the jungles of Columbia, home to world’s finest coffee, and yet you are carrying around a stale flask of mediocre coffee you made earlier? How about taking that hike of Machu Picchu with no more sustenance than a bottle of tepid water? Fishing on Lake Erie with a cold cup of weak tea?  None of these sound like a great experience to us.

The AeroPress’ lightweight design means that it fits comfortably in your backpack – just make sure you have some hot water handy. No need to worry about how to dispose of your filter either – it’s 100% bio-degradable, as is the coffee puck.

Festival Fun

Whether you’re rocking at Glastonbury, mingling with the stars at Coachella, or partying at Lovebox, there is one thing that makes a festival better… Good coffee! And you don’t have to queue for an hour and pay a premium price for a teeny tiny cup that comes with a plastic lid either!

AeroPress means that you can bring along your favourite blend of coffee to have whenever you like. There’s no need to miss your favourite band on stage either, the AeroPress can make from one to three cups in just a minute, so no waiting around.

While we cannot guarantee the weather, we can guarantee you can have great coffee!



We’ve all heard the stories of the person who packs their beloved tea bags in their suitcase whenever they venture abroad on vacation, but why should coffee lovers suffer terrible hotel sachets of instant, or pay a high price for getting your morning espresso from the local coffeehouse?

We think that, for those who love a good cuppa, the AeroPress should be the first thing you pack after your passport! Its unique design means you get a rich, smooth coffee, with no bitterness wherever you are. And the fact that cleaning it takes just a few seconds, leaves you free to go to the beach, lounge by the pool, or explore the sights.

Want to check out some of the most extreme places AeroPresses have visited around the globe? Why not take a look at the #AeroPress hashtag on Instagram, or better still, create your own adventure and post up your photos!

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