AeroPress Original Plunger Including Seal


Replacement plunger including silicone rubber seal gasket for the AeroPress Original coffee maker.  Note that if your seal is loose and worn, you only need a new seal, not a new plunger.  The spare seal can easily be replaced on the end of your existing plunger.

Seal Care & Cleaning Instructions:

Care: The seal does wear down over time. To maximize seal life, always eject the used coffee right after brewing and store your AeroPress coffee maker with the seal pushed all the way through the chamber. This keeps the seal free of compression for longer seal life. There is no adhesive on the seal, so you can easily remove it and then replace it on the AeroPress plunger.

Cleaning: We recommend occasionally removing the seal from the end of the plunger for a good washing inside and out with warm water and dish soap.