Tips on Switching to a Reusable Coffee Mug

It is estimated around seven million coffee cups are thrown away every day in the UK, and less than 1% are being recycled. Many coffee cups can’t be recycled due to the dregs of the drink and the plastic film used to keep the drinks hot and the paper dry. Although the consummation of coffee isn’t decreasing, there hasn’t been much of a switch to using reusable cups. Here we are sharing tips on making the switch to a reusable cup and the reasons to do so.

Find the Right Design

We all know there are several sizes to choose from and plenty of designs. You can find one with an attractive design, shop around for the right size and the type of lid. The material of the reusable cup might play a part in your choice too. There are bamboo, plastic, glass or metal. Glass is good as it won’t affect the flavour whereas plastic is lightweight and durable. Most importantly, you want one that doesn’t leak; it is a nuisance to find the lid doesn’t sit correctly or the drinking hole doesn’t have a close. 

Remember Your Cup

Disposable cups do have the convenience of not needing to remember to pick one up and can throw them away and not take them home to be washed. However, don’t let that convenience put you off investing in a good quality cup that can be used for years. Set a reminder on your phone, or leave the washed cup by your bag and keys next to the front door, so you remember it when you leave the house. It is a good idea to get a few reusable cups too; one for work and one for home, so if you are less likely to forget a cup when you want an impromptu coffee or hot chocolate.

Go Foldable

Carrying an empty reusable cup is a bit inconvenient, but there is an option to go foldable! Collapsible coffee cups made of silicone are perfect for keeping in a pocket or small handbag and can be given a quick rinse too, to keep them clean. These type of reusable cups are ideal if you are in a rush or always on the go.

Why Switch to Reusable?

Save Money

Many coffee shop chains in the UK will offer a discount, extra loyalty stamps or even a free drink if you use a reusable cup. In the long run, you’ll notice you are not spending so much on coffee day to day.

Doing Your Part for the Planet

Disposable coffee cups are single use, and most often, not recyclable, so a reusable cup means you are doing your part in reducing the waste going into landfill.

It’s Fashionable

Being environmentally friendly is seen as fashionable, but hopefully, it is not just a phase. More and more people are becoming educated on ways to be more green in day to day life, and a reusable coffee cup is just one way.

Whatever type of coffee you are having in your reusable cup, our handheld coffee makers are great for when you want a cup in the morning but are already running late! Taking less than a minute to make, you won’t be in a rush, and the AeroPress is eco-friendly too, with the paper filter and coffee puck being the only waste. If you want to start leading a greener lifestyle, get a coffee maker and reusable cup today!

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