How to Switch to Black Coffee

It’s fine to enjoy your coffee with a splash of milk and spoonful of sugar, but there are a few reasons why it is better to drink your coffee black.


Why to Switch to Black Coffee? 

Firstly, ditching the milk and sugar in each cup can do wonders for your waistline, helping to cut unnecessary calories out of your diet. But perhaps more importantly for coffee lovers, drinking coffee with these additions can dull the unique flavours and aromas of the coffee bean, that should be appreciated instead of hidden!

Another reason to turn to black coffee is that it is far more convenient and easier for travel and on-the-go coffee drinking. It’s easy to brew on the go with a travel coffee maker, but needing to bring along supplies of milk and sugar on your hike, camping trip or commute can take up space in your bag and add to the time needed to make a brew.


white cup full of black coffee

However, we do understand that coffee can be an acquired taste, and so just going cold turkey on the sugar and milk might not be the way to go. If you want to learn to love black coffee and make the switch, then take a look at these tips to help you on your way!


Try Different Coffee Beans

As coffee beans are what gives coffee its flavour and aroma, it could be the case that the things you don’t like about black coffee can be fixed with a different type of coffee bean. The type of coffee bean, and the way they are roasted and the blend they form all contribute to the flavour present in your cup. 

There is a huge range of coffee out there, so get trying different varieties and find one that suits your palate best. Some coffee beans will naturally make sweet and creamy tasting coffee, so if you miss the idea of milk and sugar, then seek out a roast that will create this effect.


Change the Way You Brew Your Coffee

As well as the coffee beans used, the chosen brew method also has a huge impact on the flavour and texture of your coffee. Different brewing methods vary in the way the coffee flavour is extracted, meaning that the taste can fluctuate massively between brew styles.

If you don’t enjoy the black coffee made using your current brew style, then try a different method. For example, the AeroPress uses pressure to create a smooth and rich coffee, with minimal bitterness, which helps make the coffee far more enjoyable when served black.


Switch to a Different Cup

There is evidence to suggest that the colour of your cup can actually have an impact on how you experience the flavour of the drink within. It is believed that a white mug will make coffee taste far more bitter than if it is drunk from a glass mug, where you can see the rich coffee colour within!


cup of black coffee

Just Make the Switch

Perhaps the best way to switch to black coffee is just to go for it! If you’re dedicated enough, you can get through the first few brews that you may not find as enjoyable. However, once you get over the lack of milk and begin to experience the complex flavours within your cup, you’re bound to find every brew more delicious than before!


Gradually Reduce Your Milk and Sugar

If you can’t just give up the sweeter flavours straight away, then it is best to try gradually reducing the amount you add to your cup. Each week reduce the amount of milk and sugar you use by about a quarter, so you can slowly get used to drinking coffee without it.


Do you have any tips for switching to black coffee? Leave us a comment below with your suggestions!


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