What Does the Type of Coffee You Drink Say About You?


Did you know that the type of coffee you drink can reveal a lot about your personality? While a bit of fun, this does actually have a scientific basis. Clinical psychologist Ramani Durvasula conducted a study to assess the personality traits of different coffee drinkers. Strong trends were found between the type of coffee drunk and the person’s personality traits. The study has also been backed up by research from body language experts, who discovered that our caffeine choices can reveal a lot about our mood and self-esteem.

Your gender also has an impact on the type of coffee you order. In general, milky coffees are predominantly drunk by women, while men order an espresso more often. To find out what your favourite coffee says about your personality, select your drink of choice from the interactive quiz below! 


You can see all of the coffee types and the personalities of the kind of people who drink them below:


Espresso drinkers are goal-driven, natural leaders, who work hard in both their personal and professional lives. Plus, they actually enjoy the taste of coffee!


Black Coffee

Black coffee lovers are purists; patient and simple, but often set in their ways and resistant to change. No nonsense people with a preference for simplicity. Black coffee drinkers are also typically moody and quiet.



Preferring the simpler things in life, Americano drinkers are conscientious and calm. Americano drinkers are particularly efficient people.



Latte lovers are comfort seekers and people pleasers, who would go out of their way to help others. This can have a negative side; however, as latte drinkers become over-extended and don’t always take care of themselves, as they are more focused on pleasing others.



Cappuccino, and other frothy drink, lovers are perfectionists who like being in control. Cappuccino drinkers have high-demand personalities and can be obsessive, overly-sensitive and health-conscious.


Iced Coffee

Iced coffee drinkers are social people; trendsetters, spontaneous and creative. However, they can also make unhealthy choices and behave recklessly.



Decaf drinkers like to be in control. They are overly-sensitive and tend to worry a lot. Health-conscious, decaf drinkers focus heavily on rules, order and control.



Sweet, frozen drinks, like Frappuccino, are drunk by trendsetters with childish traits. Adventurous and spontaneous, Frappuccino drinkers love to try new things and live in the moment.


Instant Coffee

Instant coffee drinkers are laid-back people; however, this can cause them to be poor at planning and procrastinate tasks.


Speciality Order

Ordering a triple shot, half-caf, non-fat, extra hot, sugar-free, vanilla latte with soy milk? Your need for order is reflected in your coffee order! Those who have very specific drink orders need to be in control. They can be obsessive and selfish, have perfectionist traits, with a focus on rules.


Double Espresso

Practical and hard-working; a natural leader. Can be moody, abrupt and dismissive, especially before they’ve had their coffee!



Fun, creative and open, mocha lovers are comfort seekers who like being around people.


Whatever kind of drink you enjoy, why not take your coffee experience to the next level with AeroPress UK to enjoy smooth, rich, quality coffee in only 30 seconds?!

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  • Yes, I’ve known a few cappuccino drinkers!

    Gavin on
  • I generally drink black, and dark roast if possible. My second favortie is a quad-espresso – machiatto with non- fat foam. Those are the only two ways I like my coffee. :)

    Gretchen on

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