Guide to a Coffee Menu

Nothing beats a good bean brew in the morning to get the day started or a lunchtime latte to perk up the afternoon.

Whether you take your coffee black, with a splash of milk, or pumped full of syrup and cream, there are many factors which will influence how it tastes, how strong it is and how much coffee and caffeine is packed in each sip!

Our handy infographic breaks down how much coffee and other ingredients you’ll find in each popular beverage.




Espresso is like a shot of coffee – short and strong. A great way to get a quick caffeine boost, an espresso alone is a small sip packed full of flavour and energy. An espresso will have a slightly foamy layer on the top, and the darker this is, the stronger the coffee will be.

Espresso often acts as the base of many other drinks. While you can get pretty close to creating an espresso with the AeroPress UK coffee maker, to create a true espresso, you need to force nearly boiling water under pressure through very finely ground coffee beans.



Americano is a black coffee made from espresso mixed with hot water. An Americano originates from the Second World War, when American soldiers in Europe watered down their espresso to make it taste more like the coffee they enjoyed back home!



A latte has a shot or two of espresso, with the cup topped up with steamed milk, finished with a drop of foam on the top, making it a great sipping coffee.

Because of the high quantity of milk within a latte, this type of coffee is sweet naturally, but many like to take this further adding a flavoured syrup, such as caramel.



A cappuccino is made up of one-third espresso, one-third steamed milk and one-third foamed milk. Cappuccino is a little stronger than a latte, but the foamy milk topping makes it sweet and light. Cocoa powder or cinnamon can be added to the top for extra flavour.



A cortado is a strong espresso topped with foamed milk – sort of like a mini cappuccino. A great option for the morning when you need a quick jolt of coffee, but an intense espresso can feel too much.



A doppio is a double espresso, comprising of two shots of espresso. A normal espresso will be 30ml, so a doppio is 60ml of coffee.


Flat White

A flat white is a smaller version of a latte, but with more coffee and less milk. This makes the flat white, stronger and less sweet than a standard latte.

As the name suggests, this drink has a layer of white at the top in the form of steamed milk, which provides the coffee with a silky, smooth texture.


Black Coffee

Black coffee is coffee brewed using only ground coffee and hot water, with no milk or cream added.

While espresso is a type of black coffee, the term espresso refers to a specific brewing technique, whereas black coffee can be produced through a wide variety of brewing methods.



A macchiato comprises of a single shot of espresso with a drop of foamed milk on the top. The name ‘macchiato’ is the Italian word for ‘stained’ and is so called as the coffee has been stained by a tiny drop of milk!



One for those with a sweet tooth, the mocha is part coffee, part chocolate and topped with steamed milk. A beautiful blend of espresso, hot chocolate and milk makes for a sweet drink with a delicious coffee flavour.

Perfect for an indulgent treat, the mocha can be enjoyed with whipped cream and sprinkles like a hot chocolate!


Café Au Lait

While café au lait can be another way of asking for a latte in France, a café au lait is a drink made from brewed coffee and hot milk, making it different to a traditional latte, which is espresso and steamed milk.

The coffee in a café au lait does not have to be espresso; it can be brewed with a coffee press or drip brewed. Café au lait differs from white coffee, as the milk must be warm, whereas white coffee uses cold milk.


Black Eye

One for those who really need a jolt, the black eye sees both drip coffee and espresso mixed together in one mug – you should have all the energy you need after drinking this one!


So, what is your favourite type of coffee? Leave a comment below to let us know! If you want to find out what your favourite kind of coffee means about you, why not try out our coffee personality quiz!



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