7 Healthy Changes for the New Year

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The new year is a time for change, working on improvements that can make your life a little healthier. Whether you’ve picked out your resolutions, are following a January campaign or are taking the year as it goes, here are some healthy changes you can make for the year to come.


Ditching Booze

After a period of overindulgence during the Christmas period, January is a time to cut back for many. With campaigns such as Dry January encouraging people to ditch alcohol for the month, January is the perfect time to begin cutting down on your consumption. Stopping drinking is known to improve your mood, sleep and skin, plus you’ll be saving a fair amount of money too! If you are successful at staying alcohol-free throughout January, then why not try reducing your alcohol intake for the rest of the year too. With no alcohol in your glass, why not switch to a different beverage – our favourite is coffee, of course!


Cycle More

Cycling can offer lots of benefits – not only does it cut down on car emissions and reduce road congestion, but the act of pedalling to your destination can help to increase your muscle strength, improve cardiovascular fitness and lower fat levels. If you decide to cycle to work or spend your weekends exploring the countryside on a bike, then why not take an on the go coffee maker with you to enjoy a delicious brew when you need a break?


Drink Coffee

Regardless of whether you cut down your alcohol intake or not, drinking coffee is a great habit to take up for the new year, and you may be surprised by the health benefits it offers. Not only is coffee great for your skin, but it also helps to make you more productive. Drinking two cups of coffee can improve your short-term memory, boost your energy levels and help you focus. As well as this, coffee is said to help aid weight loss by boosting your metabolic rate, is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants, and has even been found to help reduce the risk of illnesses such as diabetes, dementia and Parkinson’s.


Get More Sleep

You’re probably already aware that sleep is essential for proper functioning, with a good night’s rest helping to boost your mood and productivity. However, ensuring you give your body enough rest is beneficial for many other reasons, including improving memory, and has even been linked with reducing the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes. It’s also known as ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason, with research revealing that people do look uglier when they haven’t had enough nap time!


Try a Milk Alternative

As well as Dry January, the first month of the year is also known for a number of other campaigns and causes, including Veganuary. Switching to a vegan lifestyle, or at least cutting down on the amount of meat and dairy you consume has great benefits not only for your body but for the planet and environment too! Check out our guide to alternative milks to find the right option for you, whether you want to pour it in your coffee or enjoy it with cereal!



While small amounts of stress can provide motivation and energy, too much pressure can be very bad for the body, increasing the risk of depression, insomnia and heart disease. While more sleep, a better diet and increased exercise are all great ways of reducing stress, it is also important to take time to relax. It’s up to you whether this is through meditation, socialisation, or even taking a holiday away for a break.


Join a Club

Being healthy isn’t just about your physical fitness; it’s also about nurturing your mental health and ensuring you thrive. Joining a club can be a great way of doing this, as you can learn a new skill or hone an existing interest while meeting a new group of people. The perfect way to combat loneliness or find new friends, mixing with others can be particularly beneficial to your mental health, even if you naturally prefer your own company. There are hobby clubs or evening classes for all interests out there, so whether you’d like to learn to knit or paint or would rather use your time playing a sport with others, there is something for everyone.


Let us know your resolutions for the new year by leaving a comment below!


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